Chapter 6.

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When we deliberately observe and inhabit our archetypes, they are exalted and brought into balance. When we give our broken, missing, and dangerous archetypes a platform for expression, they are less likely to create out of turn. For instance, when we cast a magic spell, if we are unconsciously rejecting a part of ourself that deeply needs to be expressed, that archetype's creation is likely to dominate our spell. If you are getting "bad" results in magic, its likely that one of your key archetypes needs compassion and a constructive platform for expression.

These abandoned inner-archetypes are a lot like sideshow freaks. They don't fit in, but they exist for a very important reason. If we can get to a place of embracing these broken and abandoned inner-freaks, we can bring them into balance.

Introducing the Freak-Charmer Method

According to Carolyn Myss, we create through twelve primary archetypes. Four of the twelve are common among everyone: Child, Victim, Saboteur, and Prostitute. The remaining eight are discovered through rich inner work.

Take some time to create a gesture or hand movement that exemplifies one of your twelve common archetypes. Think of a short rhyme, a jingle to represent your chosen archetype. Compose the jingle as if the archetype is actually moving through your life. For instance, the prostitute might traditionally sing something like,"If you want to buy my wares, follow me and climb the stairs." But in your life, the prostitute might say something like, "I'll work all night with the corner office in my sight." His/Her voice may be slinky and sly and raspy from too many cigars or blow-jobs. Give your archetype's voice color with accent, tone, pitch, dissonance and pause. Think about what makes them sad, joyous, belonging. Dwell on their hidden motivations and create a sound from that motivation. Allow yourself to be moved by this archetype.

What would they want to sing and rhyme to make sure it gets stuck in your head everyday? What needs to be remembered? What kind of freak-show does your archetype need to perform?

Take nine electric fire breaths before sounding through your inner-freak to ensure the sound is authentic.

As you sound your freak's jingle, imagine it is charming all the other archetypes in your personality. It's voice needs to be heard. This is your gift to the monster you've rejected for so long. As you give your inner-freak the blessings of charm, it weaves into balance through your brazen, vulnerable compassion.

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