milking the


 The fog lingers low  where I lie.

The fog lingers low

where I lie.


hypnosis & Meditations

The angle: conscious domination for creative liberation.

Studies show that daily meditation increases brain matter and rewires neural pathways in only eight weeks. These deft recordings are exclusively rendered for the expansion of your awareness and the health of your body.

This work is essential.



Pep talks for self love and compassion + philosophical waxing for perspective shifts. Tips for balanced living and common sense clues for creating an enchanted life. Curated for your transmogrification.

improve your modus vivendi.


Sorcery & Magic

Ahh magic! Creative, crafty, sensual, and bound to ring the heart strings. Here you'll find rituals and spells, songs and incantations, articles and poetry, and synchronistic musings on all things witchy. Find romance in the mundane and heaven in a wildflower.

are you who you think you are?




Deep shares from high-powered wizards + their latest creations and craft.  Learn how to exact the balance for the divine feminine.

Discover tribute opportunities and exclusive devotion clues. Learn the etiquette and conduct necessary for proper worship.

Strega Strega, glimmering vega.


naughty Bits

Sci-Fi erotica series, "The Shees of the Ectoplasgasm" and "Neon Babes of Planet Wormhole"

High-fashion and erotic photography, bad stuff - kink + porn + dirty talk.

all magic is sex magic.

and give me access to naughty bits